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The future of health is changing rapidly to become more intelligent, immersive, distributed and personal. We work with health and wellness companies to accelerate innovation in the industry by designing more conscious digital health experiences. We bring expertise in both digital wellness and regulated healthcare to deliver new value for a new era of healthy living.

Digital Wellness & Therapeutics

Wellness is a continuous journey, not an end state. We create higher-efficacy wellness services that increase healthier behaviors for lifelong impact in fitness, nutrition, mental health, and more.

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Wearable Wellness Interfaces

We worked with Fitbit to envision and design emerging health, fitness and lifestyle features across its portfolio of wearable activity trackers and mobile, web and desktop application experiences.

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Medical Device UI & Immersive Technology

Better tools lead to better outcomes. We research clinician and patient needs in order to design simpler and more immersive interfaces for medical devices that improve usage and efficacy.

Accessible Medical Technology

We partnered with Medtronic to envision the future of personal medical care, including patient portal, device updates and supply inventory management that highlight transparency, efficiency, and empathy.

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Connected TeleHealth Services

As healthcare services become more distributed, we design new care-point experiences for better telehealth, remote diagnostic solutions and data-driven services.

Remote Diagnostics Service

We developed a conceptual vision for future Ancestry health products incorporating DNA results and family health histories to inspire healthy behaviors, and create near-term detailed designs and initial prototypes for engaging health and wellness reports.

Healthcare Automation & Robotics

Intelligent technology will revolutionize the care experience. We work with healthcare companies to leverage AI and robotics to automate workflows and streamline data management.

Interfaces for Robotic Surgery

We partnered with Johnson & Johnson to design safer and easier ways for surgeons to conduct robotic laparoscopic surgery by streamlining interfaces for setup, creating physician-specific profiles and easily saving a successful surgery for future procedures.

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Design System for Better Care

We worked with iRhythm to define a design system for the suite of Zio mobile and desktop experiences that connect cardiac care physicians and providers.

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Seamless Record Keeping

We worked with GE Healthcare to research and redesign their electronic medical record and universal imaging radiology interface experiences.

Purposeful Mobile App

We worked with Kumanu to redesign the brand and UX for their Purposeful mobile app experience that helps people align with their best selves each day.

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