Conscious Experience Design:

Design for human + machine

Punchcut held a webinar to discuss the future of design and its role in shaping the next level of consciousness across humans and machines. In the midst of a global pandemic, people are rethinking human interactions, technology dependence, and global sustainability and what it means to design for this new consciousness. In this webinar, we’ll introduce Conscious Experience Design, a discipline of UX design for working with intelligent machines in a way that’s more mindful of personal intentions and human values.


Wed, June 17  11am-12pm PST

The Questions

•  How is the human-machine relationship evolving?•  What are the characteristics of human machines?•  What paradigm shifts require new approaches?•  What skills are needed to design for the future?

The Learning

Through a review of the state of human and machine consciousness, we will outline four key areas of mastery that will help guide and inspire teams to consider how Conscious Experience Design will play a part in their future.

Jared Benson

The Speaker

Jared Benson, Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director

Under Jared’s creative leadership, he envisions and creates transformative products that balance machine intelligence with the lifestyles and values of real people. With a passion for emerging technology and insight into human behavior, Jared ensures Punchcut remains at the forefront of the rapidly evolving landscape of user experiences across automotive, wearables, personal agents, consumer products and emerging form factors..

The Host

Ken Olewiler, Co-Founder & Managing Director

The Speaker

Jared Benson, Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director

The Panelists

Emilio Passi, Principal Design TechnologistVicky Knoop, Director of Immersive DesignJodi Burke, Sr. Director of InsightsNate Cox, Sr. Director of Design Solutions

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