Generative Research• Contextual Inquiry• Subject Matter Expert Interviews• Persona Development• Participatory Design Evaluative Research• Survey Design• Data Analysis & Reporting• Usability Testing• Simulations & Prototypes

We put people first. Through design research, we tap into human behavior to uncover new paths to the future. See how we do it.

Joy Wong Daniels on location conducting user testing.
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Contextual Inquiry

We meet people where they are.

We get our observations where the experience is most accurate – in family rooms, during morning commutes, at the grocery store, or on devices with their kids. We know when and how to ask people the right questions. Using a variety of techniques and methods, we capture real-life experiences, which spark ideas for new products and strategies.

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Data Collection and Analysis

We turn data into meaningful insights.

We collect data from surveys and usability sessions to reveal behavior, impact, user feedback, and opportunities. By combining qualitative and quantitative research, we uncover new insights, validate hypotheses, and refine target audiences.

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Simulation Testing

We model futuristic environments.

Designing future-forward user interfaces and interaction models requires unique testing approaches. We construct interactive simulations and recreate environments to test what’s happening today and to predict what’s in store for the future.

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Design Validation

We concept and validate design.

New product concepts call for rigorous design validation. We build prototypes and host lab testing sessions to ensure our solutions meet user needs and expectations

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Usability Testing

We evaluate ongoing usage.

We help companies optimize existing products through regular usability testing and evaluation. We recruit, plan, moderate, and analyze user behavior to quickly identify actionable improvements and opportunities.

We can engage in a variety of ways:

Spark Sessions

Short, targeted workshops or sprints that provide inspiration and guidance to jumpstart your design research process.

Product Delivery

Fixed, project engagements focused on researching and envisioning opportunities for a new product or service.

Open Support

Open, flexible team support that provides ongoing research support services to augment and scale internal team capacity.



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