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We are experts in human-centered technology.

The future of technology is evolving to be more conscious and capable. With deep product design expertise, we harness the power of human-centered design to create more human and natural interfaces with artificial intelligence technology and devices. We work with hardware manufacturers and software providers to create more conscious AI experiences with technology.

Smart Home and AI Agents

We design smart home user experiences that humanize AI across digital assistants, home appliances, automation and robotics.

Intelligent Automation

We worked with LG to research and design a new smart home platform experience that supports the convergence of IoT devices, smart appliances, consumer robotics, and automation services in the smart home of the future.

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Consumer Devices & Hardware

As a device design specialist, we work with device manufacturers and component makers to design transformative interfaces for new hardware.

Immersive Devices

We worked with Samsung to research and design an extended reality platform strategy, and to envision the platform experience through the design of various immersive hardware device and software experiences.

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Software & Services

We combine the power of artificial intelligence with human-centered design principles to create seamless, intelligent, and user-centric applications and services.

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Smart Software Assistance

We partnered with Google to envision and design new AI-driven features that helped families to simplify backup with Google One, smartly organize with Google Photos and get shopping assistance with a new Google digital concierge service.

Enterprise Tools & Automation

We consumerize the enterprise to create intuitive tools, dashboards and insightful data visualizations that simplify business management and automation.

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Machine Learning Interface

We helped Amazon reimagine its cloud machine learning platform and establish a unified design system for use across its SageMaker products. We conducted research with data scientists users to ensure the tools enabled them to easily tap the full power of artificial intelligence.

We've also worked with

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Generative Sales Assistant

We worked with Salesforce on a variety of vision and design initiatives focused on integrating generative AI features into their service to enhance the sales lifecycle support for business leaders.

Emerging Products Lab

We served as extended partner of the Microsoft Garage innovation team to envision and design breakthrough new features and products to enhance their productivity solutions across devices and software.

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Data Visualization System

We collaborated with Informatica to create new, unified design system that enhanced their data visualization experiences for their enterprise AI data management software.

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