We Condemn Antisemitism

November 14, 2023

Over this past weekend, abhorrent antisemitic statements on social media were attributed to one of our employees. Punchcut condemns all antisemitic, racist, and hate-filled behavior of any form. These comments and actions are completely unacceptable in any context. On Monday, November 13, we investigated this matter and terminated the employee's employment. Punchcut has a no-tolerance policy for hate and discrimination of any kind. We are shocked and appalled at these reprehensible antisemitic comments. They do NOT represent our fundamental values as a company and as human beings. We are horrified to witness the hate in the world, as evidenced not only through violent unrest but also by hate-filled language, bullying actions, and discriminatory treatment of any person. We mourn with those who have been directly or indirectly affected locally and globally. For more than 20 years, our mission has been putting people first in the technology products, services, and experiences we design for our clients. We are committed to affirming the dignity of all people in our work, and we are striving to be more conscious and better advocates for humanity in all we do. As a company, we will continue to stand against hate and advocate for all people. We will continue to strive to be better examples, better allies, and better global citizens. Please join us in doing the same.