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Spatial Computing is not just a technological evolution of XR but a paradigm shift in personal computing that demands fresh interaction expertise. Our team of spatial computing experts is at the forefront of this immersive revolution. We are ready to guide you into a world where the boundaries between the digital and physical dissolve, giving rise to dynamic experiences that ingress into mixed reality. Let us redefine the way your audience engages with your brand.

Spatial Computing App Design

Today, with the adoption of the Quest Pro, Apple Vision pro, and competing devices companies now need to reimagine their apps for new spatial computing platforms. We help companies extend beyond TV, desktop, + mobile to bring their digital experiences to new spatial platforms.

Vision OS Apps

We are envisioning the future of app landscape in headset experiences. We have been building apps for Vision OS and leveraged our spatial computing expertise to create experiences that not only exist in space but that truely leverages the unique advantage of spatial design.

Immersive Haptics and Gesture Design

Spatial computing leverages more natural ways to interact with gesture control and haptic feedback. We offer expertise in haptic and gesture design to help create more intuitive + immersive, spatial interactions.

Haptic Design Vision

We partnered with Immersion, to envision a haptic cuff that combined traditional haptics with temperature control to unlock hyper specific indication and immersive moments. We helped to design the haptic signatures users would experience as well as the killer use cases for a device like this.

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Spatial Audio and Voice Design

Audio is necessary for users to feel present in a spatial experience . Our sound design experts compose music, sound effects, and voiceover, to create cohesive and immersive experiences.

Spatial Audio Gestures

We worked with Google to envision a spatial audio system in tandem with a gesture system to control the Pixel Buds without the aid of a display. We focused on the paring of audio notifications/outputs, with gesture inputs to build a natural system users would intuitively grasp and love using.

3D Virtual Environments

Dimensional, virtual environments and assets put users at the center of their immersive experiences. We craft three-dimensional objects, spaces and worlds to create realistic or stylized environments with your user at the center.

Immersive Game Design

We worked with Samsung to design a set of games and experiences that would turn your connected home into an immersive landscape to connect and enrich time with your family. We designed spatial audio and visual environments that connected home displays and smart speakers into one playable ecosystem.

Spatial Prototyping and Development

Transform your visionary ideas into tangible realities with our Spatial Computing Prototyping services. Experience the future of user interaction firsthand as our Design Technology experts bring your concepts to life in immersive and dynamic prototypes.

Automotive VR Simulator

We worked with Ford to build a fully immersed test environment for new automotive features and concepts. We combined a digital buck, interior display system and surrounding environment to get better insight into vehicle testing.

Spatial Research and Testing

New spatial computing paradigms require new insight into human behavior and expectations. We conduct generative and evaluative research to uncover insights that guide design strategy for better adoption.

XR User Research

We partnered with Samsung to perform user research around consumer needs, and to design a spatial platform strategy informed by both hardware and software prototypes.

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Spatial Computing Filmmaking

We partnered with Disney studios to envision and design a spatial computing tool set to aid in the filmmaking process.

PS5 Gaming Experience

We partnered with Sony Playstation to envision and design immersive features and new interface paradigms while helping support the detailed launch of the PS5 game console UX.

Augmented Reality Game

We designed and built an exciting multi player AR game for the Iphone that centers around the gesture of using your phone to capture the most valuable gems before time runs out!

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