Accelerating Digital Product Innovationwith Punchcut and ProtoPie

In our informative on-demand webinar, Punchcut and Protopie explore how human-centered experience design helps companies envision and realize products that deliver maximum value for the user. Working with some of the world’s most innovative companies, Punchcut designers use Experience Systematics to understand the contextual relationship between people, devices, spaces, services, and data. They then use rapid, no-code prototyping to bring connected solutions to life.

Punchcut’s three-step prototyping approach, with rapid prototyping, enables the rapid design and realization of immersive products. Learn about each phase:

  1. Accelerating Ideation
  2. Enhancing Storytelling
  3. Realizing designs

Ken Olewiler

CEO and Co-Founder

Eric Liaw

Associate Director, Interaction & Immersive Design

Bella Berger

Senior Motion Designer

Akshat Srivastava

Senior Design Technologist