Punchcut Perspective on Design Acceleration - Times of crisis and flux make design principles more important than ever.

Punchcut co-founder, Ken Olewiler, recently wrote an article for Medical Product Outsourcing magazine where he explains the Four Steps of Design Acceleration, and how to use them to meet the needs of manufacturers, clinicians, healthcare workers, and patients in the ‘new normal.’ We’ve included an excerpt below. Read on to learn how to put the principles of Design Acceleration to work for your company.

Medical product and device manufacturers are facing new design and delivery challenges in the era of COVID. Unexpectedly, there have been massive spikes in demand for products, as medical communities and end-users scramble to purchase products and parts that are suddenly in short supply. Similarly, physical workflows and usage scenarios have been thrown into disarray due to social distancing measures. These issues have forced medtech and device manufacturers to improvise and be incredibly nimble to deliver efficient, flexible products, and services. How can they possibly decide which changes they should make immediately to ensure their systems, which are being pushed to the max, won’t break when they’re needed the most? At the same time, how can they think ahead and scale their businesses for the future so they are prepared for whatever new market conditions lie in wait just over the horizon?

The answer is Design Acceleration. Design Acceleration applies systematic design thinking in nimble ways to help companies adapt in times of crisis or high demand. To gain actionable steps with numerous examples from our work with companies such as Fitbit and GE Healthcare please click the link below and enjoy the full article.

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