Celebrating Twenty Years of New

Punchcut is now 20 years young! We founded Punchcut with the bold vision of designing the future of our digital world in more human ways. Soon, we were blazing new trails and leading companies into the mobile revolution. At a time when everyone was focused on the now of the web we were focused on what’s next – new devices, new interface paradigms and new digital frontiers. We quickly became the design accelerator to the future.

We envisioned a future where people were the priority and technology was a brilliant enabler of better experiences, easier living, and greater fulfillment wherever they go in a mobile, seamlessly connected lifestyle. In many ways, our vision has become a reality and continues to expand as we design for each new era of digital transformation.

Embrace Change. Design the Future.

When we founded Punchcut, little did we know the extraordinary impact we’d have on so many people and products. It’s that impact that’s most rewarding and humbling. And it’s the fuel that drives us every day – the opportunity to use the power of design to change the world one person and one interaction at a time.

As a business, we’ve proven when you put people first it always increases value. We couldn’t be where we are today without the people who have made the journey with us. Our team is the heart of Punchcut, and we are deeply grateful for their contribution every day. They bring the drive to innovate, unmatched creative energy, proven design talent, and a human perspective to everything we do. Thank you Punchcut family!

We are honored to have worked with some of the most innovative companies of our time to help them design for change. Together we’ve envisioned and made exciting new products a reality – increasing value for their customers and their business. We thank our clients for the opportunity to learn together, push boundaries, and design products that become natural extensions of their users’ lives!

The Next 20 Years of New

Our past has prepared us for the next twenty years. As futurists we’re always looking forward and already working on what’s next. Designing for a more conscious future where people naturally live and work together across immersive virtual and physical realities is the next frontier. It’s an exciting time of evolution that we’re poised to lead!

So, at Twenty...

People are still our priority. Making the future better is still our focus. With these values in mind, I couldn’t be more proud of the company we’ve built. Thank you to all our insanely talented teams, our smart and collaborative clients, our stellar alumni, and our ever-supportive significant others for your role in creating something very special in Punchcut over the first 20 years.

As for the next 20 years, our mission remains strong as we journey together to revolutionize new exciting futures ahead!

Ken Olewiler
Co-Founder & CEO