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We’re digital mobility and automotive experts.

The future of mobility is becoming more autonomous, immersive, systemic, and social. We specialize in mobility innovation and we're proud to partner with automotive leaders who are pushing boundaries in electrification, autonomy, connected services and future-forward HMI solutions for next-gen vehicles.

Electrical Vehicles & Aviation

Sustainable mobility solutions are driving positive change. We research and design next-gen electrical vehicles, eVTOLs and new energy solutions for better adoption and social impact.

Automotive Electric Charging

We partnered with Ford to define the automotive experience for its first fully crossover electric vehicle, including HMI, charging, connectivity, and stowage. Our contextual research explored existing charging station behaviors in order to envision innovative new charging experiences.

Autonomous & Assisted Driving

Self-driving success relies on cooperative intelligence. We conduct consumer research into autonomy expectations and design assisted experiences for better acceptance and adoption.

Self-Driving Rideshare

We worked with GM Cruise to research patterns in urban rideshare populations to inform the future release of an autonomous mobility service. The research employed up front quantitative surveys that identified key personas for further qualitative research and insight definition.

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Immersive HMI & Interaction

Vehicle interactions are evolving to be multi-sensory and multi-modal. Our immersive specialists design breakthrough HMI experiences that blend voice, haptics, spatial and XR design.

Haptic Immersive Cockpit

We teamed up with Lucid motors to design the holistic, digital HMI experience for their debut electric vehicle, the Lucid Air. The multi-sensory experience included interaction, visual, motion, sound, and haptic design concepts that seamlessly worked together to deliver a distinct, immersive cockpit experience.

Connected Services & Smart Cities

We’re redefining urban spaces with connected mobility services and smart city infrastructure. Our work on urban mobility, smart architecture and modular spaces is breaking new ground.

Urban Autonomous Service

We were engaged by Toyota ITC to conduct extensive research into the needs around urban autonomous mobility and to envision a smart city solution concept and business strategy to extend the value proposition and product roadmap for its autonomous e-Palette offering.

We also work with

eVTOL Passenger Experience

We worked with Supernal to perform multi-method research and to envision ideal passenger experience scenarios for eVTOL air taxis.

Assisted Driving HMI

We worked with Nissan to research, design, prototype, and validate a bold new HMI vision for the future of assisted driving features.

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Connected Car HMI

We worked with Infiniti to envision a future automotive interface for its luxury vehicles through design prototypes and demos for user research and internal evangelization.

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