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We’re digital media innovation experts.

The future of media is becoming more immersive, intelligent, systemic and social. We have deep experience envisioning and designing next-gen media and entertainment solutions for smart homes and families. From work with device makers, content providers, and technology services, we bring proven insight and ideas for the future of media.

Home Media & Entertainment Services

We partner with streaming content and device makers to envision and design connected multi -device experiences across TV, mobile and gaming devices.

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Streaming Media Engagement

We partnered with Amazon to design an innovative new streaming television experience. We explored a range of interaction and visual directions, and various remote control methods including touch, gesture, and voice input.

Media Displays & 
Device UI/UX

We help media display and technology makers to design more natural interfaces and immersive interactions that enrich engagement with smart vision, voice, gesture and haptics.

Smart Media Revolution

We collaborated with Samsung to revolutionize the future of smart TVs and media within the home ecosystem. Our goal was to enhance media acquisition, consumption, and sharing through multi-modal experiences.

Immersive XR & Metaverse

Immersive, multi-sensory experiences converge digital and physical spaces. From XR to metaverse we specialize in the design of more spatial, sensory and seamless experiences.

Extended Realities

We worked with Samsung to envision how immersive display experiences can unite people. We revolutionized the centerpiece of the home by creating meaningful experiences on the large screen that foster connection with those near and far.

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Social Media & Communication

Experiences are now more social and communal. We work with companies to enrich community connections across social media and next-gen communication services.

Community Connections

We worked with Meta to create the visual expression and interaction design system for a suite of next generation communication devices that seamlessly connected families and friends via engaging social features and media.

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