Design Technology


Design Development

• Product Design Prototypes
• Interactive Design Systems
Design Tool Plugins
Executive Demos & Pilots
• Application Development

Technical Consultation

• Technical Research
• Des-Dev Facilitation
• Realization Support
• Prototyping Strategy
• Prototyping Tool Training

"Innovation is not about thinking in theory, but building, prototyping, iterating, and learning.”

Nancy Ku, Associate Director of Design Technology

Build the right thing, the right way.

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Computational Design

Use code to design more intelligently

Computational design is at the heart of our practice. We engage design technologists for whom code is an integral part of their design toolkit. We approach design from a cognitive intelligence perspective – seeing solutions as systems that are innovative, efficient and scalable.

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Technical Research

Get insight into emerging technology

Emerging technologies require critical insight and design intelligence. We partner with companies to evaluate new tech opportunities through a process of technical discovery and reporting. We map out the possibilities and prototype ideal artifacts and tools for emerging media.

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Data-Driven Design

Design better with data

Today’s product experiences are guided by intelligent systems and fueled by data. From quantitative research, live data prototypes, data managed tools and data-visualization, we ensure data-driven solutions are insightful, scalable and ethical.

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Custom Prototypes

Prototype your future

Our comprehensive prototyping approach adds value throughout the design process. It is an active process of discovery to explore new interactions and make visions real. From low-fi experiments to high-fidelity UI and logic prototypes, we rapidly build ideas for clarity, persuasion, or technical confidence.

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Intelligent Tools

Automate the process

Artificial intelligence is transforming businesses with more automated processes and tools. Our team brings expertise in creating intelligent tools that streamline design and development. From simple plug-ins to more robust systems, we strive to leverage technology as a partner 
in empowering the creative process.

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Des-Dev Facilitation

Build to learn

We connect design with technology via facilitation and development coordination. 
We prepare designs for production, outline technical requirements and bring together technical specialists to develop and build front-end code bases for working MVP pilots and applications.

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Realization Support & Training

Implement with support

Our job is to set internal technology team up for success. We provide consulting and support to engineers as they implement and test pilot experiences. We train and guide teams for on-going product design maintenance and evolution.

We can engage in a variety of ways:

Spark Sessions

Short, targeted workshops or sprints that provide inspiration and guidance to jumpstart your design research process.

Product Delivery

Fixed, project engagements focused on researching and envisioning opportunities for a new product or service.

Open Support

Open, flexible team support that provides ongoing research support services to augment and scale internal team capacity.



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