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We help you design growth through innovation.

Disruption separates leaders from mere survivors. Our clients transform change and into innovative product experiences that drive growth and strengthen their competitive advantage. Together, we respond with actionable customer insights, translated into exceptional user experiences and breakthrough products. Our design ethos delivers experiences for tomorrow’s leading products.

Visa design system component sheet
Visa design system component sheet
Visa design system component sheet
Visa design system component sheet

Autonomous Devices

Immersive Spaces

Augmented People

Pervasive Services

New intelligent devices and breakthrough interfaces blend the physical and digital. We help clients break through norms and discover new ways to delight and engage users of smart appliances, autonomous vehicles and a world of other, emerging products.

We design digital spaces.  Our clients drive the future of connected homes, immersive media, virtual reality and 360º experiences. Our designs enable natural interactions with our physical and virtual environments.

People are connected. Wearable devices connected healthcare and augmented reality connects products and services with the user. We help clients design experiences that enhance human capabilities and digital wellness.

We help clients deliver user experiences that cross touchpoints and contexts, keeping their relationship with the product or service intact.  Our design systems for responsive web, mobile apps and holistic services engage users and enable design at scale.

We accelerate design. We accelerate innovation.

We accelerate design. We accelerate innovation.

Effective design is a series of creative actions that produce business results. Our Design Acceleration Methodology concentrates action, clarity, creativity, and velocity on products that drive growth. It helps teams rapidly gain perspective and implement design practices and solutions that quickly move businesses forward, even as markets, buyers and industries change.

Visa design system component sheet

The Punchcut Design Acceleration Methodology serves as a compass that enables our clients to rapidly apply best-practice design principles to implement change that matters. Through it, business discover a path to longer-term transformation and growth. More than thinking, Design Acceleration focuses four creative actions to produce real results that clients can measure on the bottom line. The method helps product teams clarify goals, unify efforts, apply focused creativity, and work together to achieve velocity. Working with a designing firm, our clients’ teams envision, and realize solutions that solve urgent business and product problems.

Action 1: Clarity

While change brings complexity, Accelerated Design delivers clarity and simplicity. Clarity isn’t a perfect vision. Rather, it’s focus on the most critical areas where design innovation can have the most impact.

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Act with intention.

Change forces businesses to react. We guide clients to act. We help focus valuable energy on areas that may have the most impact. Design Acceleration quickly uncovers the intentions of each action, and identifies the business goal.

Listen for problems.

No matter how imperative the change appears, We never find a solution before we first listen. There will be a time for solutioning, but effective design always begins by understanding needs first through the act of listening.

Focus on high-impact areas

Design Acceleration drives clarity by emphasizing a focus on issues that matter most so teams focus time and effort on the items that will bring the most value immediately.

Action 2: Unity

We help teams work together, aligned on common goals, with everyone doing their part to achieve them. Our Design Acceleration Methodology coordinates all efforts and activities to ensure positive impact and rapid progress.

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See the system, not the parts

We quickly assess the potential holistic impact. Successful design considers the whole picture and builds design strategies that increment the way forward. Accelerated Design assesses the user, the product, the market, and the competition to uncover patterns or journeys of the experience.

One mission

We help design and product teams focus on a single mission. With experienced innovation consulting services to facilitate a defined strategy, all team members will be clear about their contribution.

Embrace Diverse Points of View

A broad field of diverse ideas yields the best result. We know the very best innovations are actually amalgamations of two or three creative ideas, applied to a specific mission. We help clients implement a design strategy can channel spontaneous creativity toward the greatest benefit and the highest innovative value. Design Acceleration guides creative ideation and creates a productive workspace. The result is breakthrough thinking and the rapid evolution of concepts into useful innovation.

Push beyond the expected.

All ideas start from a known frame of reference. Designing within the "expected" is guaranteed to deliver more of the same. Using savvy design services, we are able to push beyond boundaries and uncover the unexpected.

Fuse delight and experience.

We expertly leverage a deep understanding of the experience journey, and all of the senses that are affected, to find innovative ways that interface or product design can engage the user.

Rapidly experiment and model.

Rapid experimentation and modeling of ideas is a key part of Design Acceleration services. We exercise ideas as they evolve from sub-components of a larger design. Our designers apply a keen understanding of experiential design and explore design ideas with internal team members and consumers of the product to discover fresh thinking.


Accelerated innovation doesn’t have to result in makeshift solutions that lack durability in highly volatile markets. We know that velocity is only as valuable as the innovation is useful.

Visa design system component sheet

Find value at each step

Waiting for perfection is costly. Design Acceleration delivers measurable value at each step and milestone. Incremental innovation can be achieved at every step, as applied creativity refines ideas and uncovers breakthrough products.

Repeatable patterns and systems.

Our Design Acceleration process flexibly addresses the changing needs of the business, the participants, or new discoveries that are made along the design journey.

Two Decades of Innovation Consulting

Punchcut helps clients embrace mobile lifestyle rituals.  We are experts in the application of design solutions that meet on-the-move use cases and help clients create practical and useful products and services that can be used in a moving world. We act as consulting team members. With the help of internal designers, we boldly embrace change and transform products for the future. Each engagement brings a new problem to solve — a new technology to embrace, a shift in consumer preference, or a new offering to launch. Each disruption is a path into the unknown that requires insight, innovation, and creative solutions. We know Design Acceleration, and it has never been more in demand than it is in this time of disruption. Connect with us.


We work with clients in the Bay Area, New York, and every tech development center around the world. We work in healthcare, automotive, mobile, wellness, and financial services as well as traditional B2B and B2C markets. Our headquarters is in San Francisco.

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