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Design for Multisensory Experiences

Integrating Voice, Tactile and Spatial UX

The boundaries between software, objects, and devices are beginning to fade away as smart devices and intelligent systems are integrated into everything around us. In the next decade, fully immersive environments will engage the complete range of human perception and senses. And now, with social distance hindering our ability to connect with the broader world, the need for multisensory experiences has never been greater.

The Learning

Through a review of multi-sensory design our experts and guest panelist from Immersion Corporation shared key insights across three sensory dimensions – tactile, voice and spatial interfaces – to help product and service teams deliver superior multisensory experiences that drive engagement and meet ever-evolving customer needs.

The Questions

• What is multisensory design?• How does it add value to interactive experiences?• What are the basics of tactile, voice and spatial design?• How can they be combined to enhance experiences for voice agents, wearables, automotive, and more?• What principles should guide multisensory design?

Vicky Knoop

Director, Immersive Design

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Reggie Wirjadi

Director, Interaction Design

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David Birnbaum

Distinguished Staff, Office of the CTO

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