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Person on a Vespa scooter delivering a DoorDash package

We are consumer services innovation experts.

Consumer services are quickly becoming more distributed, automated and ubiquitous.  From ecommerce to on-demand delivery, real estate and online learning, we create design systems and apps that engage customers across the product life cycle and increase value in distributed contexts.

Doordash delivery

Delivery and Logistics

In today’s on-demand economy, new delivery services require simple yet engaging digital apps. We design better app experiences that connect retailers and customers for increased sales.

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Delivery Service Design

We partnered with DoorDash to perform user research around consumer needs, search patterns, and purchase behavior regarding food delivery. The research was leveraged to improve existing and future features as we all as helped to envision next-gen experience design frameworks for a future evolution of the service.

Compass Real Estate

Home and Real Estate

Home ownership is rapidly transforming for a new era of access. We help real estate and home improvement services redefine their user experiences to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Compass Logo

Connecting Sellers and Buyers

We helped Compass define their vision for the future of their mobile experience. We worked closely with Compass to establish a north star vision for team collaboration including a narrative vision deck and proof of concept prototype that will enable teams to work better together.

Stubhub website redesign

Retail and eCommerce

The future of retail is omnichannel. Our multi-device specialization brings expertise and insight to improving digital commerce experiences and seamlessly integrating with physical retail.

Customer Loyalty Vision

We partnered with Stubhub, the top destination for ticket buyers and resellers, to create a new product strategy and design system. Punchcut defined and designed solutions to improve the event going experience by assisting the user through the entire journey and not just the purchase and ticket moments.

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Osmo play

Education and Training

Education is now fully distributed and digital. We work with education technology, training, and curriculum providers to envision and design the future of online learning.

Osmo logo

Learning through Play

We worked with Osmo, the groundbreaking AR edutainment experience to reimagine and redesign new setup and interactive features that would simplify and streamline the experience to foster more social intelligence and creative thinking.

We also work with

Purchase Flow Support

We worked with Amazon to research customer behaviors and redesign their purchase flow experience with the goal of simplifying the options for payment and increase purchases.

a Place for Mom logo

Senior Care Assistance

We worked with A Place for Mom to research and redesign their digital experience to better connect with caregivers and increase sign-ups for care facilities to enrich senior’s lives.

Home Showcase

We partnered with Trulia to enhance their experience via immersive stories, home showcases and features like TruScore, to enable buyers to search, view, and compare properties via a personalized lens.

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