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Meet Tomo, the generative AI assistant to supercharge your everyday tasks. Tomo is adaptive, proactive, hyper-personalized, precise, creative, and ready to help.


A more human approach to AI

Artificial intelligence technology is becoming more powerful every day, and we truly believe it will transform the way we live, work, and play. But to get the most value out of this technology, it needs to be more intuitive and personal. Put simply, AI needs to be more human.

At Punchcut Labs, we created Tomo to demonstrate a more human approach to AI. We envisioned a flexible service with a dynamic personality that adapts to individual needs and preferences. While not depicted as literally human, we designed Tomo to be more relatable through its playful character, natural language, familiar expressions, and emotional intelligence.


Super-powered social organizer

We know people don’t make all their decisions solo, so we wanted Tomo to help in group situations. When planning a group vacation, everyone has something to say, and with Tomo, vacation planning is as simple as a casual conversation among friends. As the group discusses, Tomo listens, processes everything in real time, and comes up with ideas that everyone will love.


Tomo and team can take care of it

Tomo not only proactively suggests and executes solutions, but also integrates with other services to assist with tasks like dinner reservations, hotel bookings, and appointments.


An assistant that knows you

People often struggle when starting from a blank canvas. Tomo goes well beyond an open-ended form field to help get things going with smart starting points and an interface that responds to specific tasks. In this scenario, Tomo helps redesign a room with just an image of the space, rapidly generating multiple style variations.


Fine-tune the magic

Tomo creates more than just an interior design — it generates an interface tailored to the task with dynamic controls to customize everything to your personal taste and lifestyle.


Jumpstart your imagination

Generative AI is becoming more and more creative, but it lacks a distinctive human voice. Tomo puts its creativity to work for your vision. In this example, Tomo takes a personal video and proactively generates inventive ideas tailored just for the group. Tomo can enhance videos, fill in the gaps, and capture the trip in ways you never thought possible.

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