Black Lives Matter

Punchcut stands in solidarity with all who strive for justice and racial equality, and we firmly believe that all individuals are entitled to the same fundamental level of respect and dignity. We are heartbroken by systemic inequality and racism, and are inspired by those who are taking action and bringing passion to make real change. We believe it is our responsibility as designers to put people first, to design ethical systems and communities that put equity, empowerment and inclusivity at their core. It’s clear our nation has a long way to go, and we want Punchcut to be part of the solution. Listen. Learn. Be The Change.#blacklivesmatter

Resource List:

We have compiled a list of resources to help guide our growth and action.

Support (artists, owners, etc.)

Listen (podcasts)

Learn (articles & books)

Teach (parent resources)

Give (organizations)

Volunteer (events)



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