Create wellness experiences, not simply wearable devices and data.

Humans have been focused on augmenting their capabilities since the dawn of time. And now in the digital age that augmentation is becoming more seamless and connected. From wearables to augmented reality to connected health people have access to more information and capabilities than ever before. But is this truly improving and enhancing human lives?

Human augmentation blends technology with human physiology to create holistic experiences. Yet, companies often place too much emphasis on the device and technology and not enough on the human side of the equation. True adoption and lifestyle change depends on insights into common human perceptions and behavior that affirm the most comfort and value for consumers.

We enhance human-tech experiences.

As specialists in UX design for augmented human experiences, we help companies to fully understand the holistic considerations for connected body experiences of the future. Through our rich consumer research offering, we have keen views into human expectations regarding body image, fashion goals, desired capabilities, health consciousness and personal privacy. We combine that with rich expertise in emerging technology, to envision and design new fitness and health devices and services.

Augmented Perspectives

Augmented Experiences

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Punchcut is the design accelerator to move your business into the augmented future. We offer a range of flexible engagement models from targeted UX Spark Sessions, rapid Research & Vision Sprints, and full-service Product Design efforts. We would be happy to discuss how we can bring design value and impact to your business. To learn more about our practice and services, contact us at [email protected].