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From connected home to immersive media and virtual reality, we create experiences that enable seamless and natural interactions with our physical & virtual environments.

Immersive experiences are the next dimension in human interaction

A new dimension in technology, design and ultimately human experience is emerging. This exciting “spatial experience” frontier is as varied as the wild west with few guideposts and standards. New content, applications and devices are emerging everyday. Yet, each has room for refinement and improvement in creating the most intuitive and rewarding interactions for people.

When digital and physical worlds converge, new immersive contexts require new insights and solutions

Our immersive spaces practice provides companies the critical insight and specialized skills needed to envision and design more immersive products and services. Through independent research, lab experimentation and strategic project work we offer a rich depth of experience and expertise to help businesses evolve for an immersive future.

Practice Focus Areas

  • Connected Home
  • In-Vehicle Experiences
  • Virtual Reality
  • Immersive Media
  • 360° Communication

We make immersive experiences better.

As specialists in UX for immersive experiences, we work with companies to improve their virtual and physical products and content through expert user experience strategy and design services. These include immersive consumer research and testing, dimensional media design, natural language interface design, and 360° interaction design and experience modeling. We integrate the voice of a storyteller, the mind of a technologist and the soul of a human psychologist to define the most effective immersive experiences in this new era.

Business success depends on embracing new immersive mediums to connect with customers

We believe all companies need to assess their current customer experience strategy and define what level of immersion is appropriate at each stage of the customer journey. And then prepare to create and deliver new immersive products and services. As new immersive experiences continue to be delivered, new markets and business models will emerge.

We are helping to lead companies into this next dimension through strategic planning, immersive product vision, and internal training of new principles, methods, tools, and design approaches.

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An Experience Framework for Virtual Reality

Immersive experiences exist across a wide spectrum of engagement levels. Any virtual or augmented reality experience can be plotted along three axes: Locomotion (Fixed Point vs Free Movement), Interactivity (Passive Observer vs Active Participant), and Reality (Actual vs Simulation). As a fourth axis, Time plays a key role in providing for changing environments across a narrative.

Immersive experiences are not only multisensory, but multilayered. The order and magnitude of visual, audio and haptic stimuli is important in creating believable experiences. Designing for virtual reality means designing three layers of sensory stimuli: the environment, directional cues and feedback to a user’s actions. An example of this is a dim room (environment), a lit rope in the corner (direction) and a trap door opening when the rope is pulled (user initiated). Coordinating the senses in these three layers creates a framework for understanding the design of any virtual experience.

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Design Insights for Virtual Reality UX

Immersive experiences share the same core components as the interfaces we encounter every day bend the UX to us, enabling us to address the world as we see it: naturally and directly.

Building upon the Experience Framework for VR, we’ll walk you through five key areas of design insight that will boost engagement with your immersive experience. These have emerged from project work, our direct user research, and lab experimentation.

We’ll touch upon world design, storytelling through our users’ senses, the role of the user avatar, our human need for social connection, and transitioning in and out of the immersive experience.

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The Next Frontier of Virtual Reality Design

Punchcut recently completed a user study on the future of virtual reality, gathering impressions from both novice and experienced users. The study sought to uncover the strengths, challenges and opportunities for the future of VR as users engaged with different interaction paradigms while immersed.
Read the user study summary (PDF) >

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Punchcut is the design accelerator to move your business into the immersive future. We offer a range of flexible engagement models from targeted Immersive UX Spark Sessions, rapid Research & Vision Sprints, and full-service Product Design efforts. We would be happy to discuss how we can bring design value and impact to your business. To learn more about our practice and services, contact us at

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